Custom Made Stainless Steel Products

Stainless steel products have the characteristics of smooth and sturdy surface, not easy to accumulate dirt and easy to clean. They are widely used in building materials decoration, food processing, catering, brewing and chemical industry.

Stainless steel products for building decoration:
In the field of architectural decoration, stainless steel products are used in halls, elevator decorative panels, and the like. Since the surface of the stainless steel product is smooth after molding, it is not easy to accumulate dirt, so it can be kept clean for a long time, but if it is not cleaned, the deposition of dirt may rust or even cause corrosion of the stainless steel.
In addition, the polishing process used in stainless steel products is also very important. In the spacious hall, stainless steel is the most commonly used material for elevator decorative panels. Although the surface fingerprint can be wiped off, it affects the appearance. Therefore, it should be used to prevent fingerprints from being left with a grained surface, or to select an anti-fingerprint stainless steel plate.

Stainless steel products for sanitary appliance:
Stainless steel is also widely used in industrial fields such as food processing, catering and brewing. Because it is easy to clean every day, it is also well tolerated by chemical cleaners, and because it is not easy to breed bacteria. Tests have shown that the performance in this respect is the same as for glass and ceramics.

Stainless steel products for chemical field:
In the chemical industry, stainless steel products are widely used for their good chemical stability and robustness, and can be used for containers, reaction vessels, etc.