Material:Staniless Steel: 201,303,304,316,316L,1.4581,SCS14,SCS16 Weight 2g-50kg Accuracy Class: CT4-CT7 Surface roughness: up to Ra1.6~Ra6.3 Mnimum thickness: 2mm(1mm for small area) Tolerance: Outer radius ≥0.3mm,inner fillet ≥0.5mm Longest blind hole(diameter 10mm): 30mm Machining: turning, milling, drilling, boring, threading, grinding machine, CNC/NC machining and test facilities. Surface treatment mirror polish,satin polish etc. Stardard applied ASTM,ICI,BS,DIN,JIS,ISO Drawings software Pro-E,Solidworks,AutoCAD [...]

Stainless steel machining is a process of cutting, folding, bending, welding.etc. In the process of stainless steel machining, a large number of machine tools, instruments and stainless steel processing equipment are needed. The classification of stainless steel processing equipment is divided into shearing equipment and surface treatment equipment, and the shearing equipment is further divided [...]

Stamping is a method of processing a workpiece (stamping part) of a desired shape and size by applying an external force to a plate, a strip, a pipe, a profile, and the like by a press and a die to cause plastic deformation or separation. The stamped blanks are mainly hot rolled, old rolled steel [...]

Custom Made Stainless Steel Welding

The most common welding method for stainless steel Mainly manual welding (MMA), followed by metal gas shielded welding (MIG/MAG) and tungsten inert gas shielded welding (TIG). 1. Preparation before welding The thickness of 4mm is not required to be broken, and it can be directly welded and single-sided welded once. 4 to 6 mm thickness [...]

Stainless steel assembly refers to the process of assembling parts according to the specified technical requirements, and after debugging and inspection to make them into qualified stainless steel products. The assembly begins with the design of the assembly drawings. Stainless steel products consist of several parts and components. Stainless steel assembly includes assembly, adjustment, inspection [...]

Stainless steel products have the characteristics of smooth and sturdy surface, not easy to accumulate dirt and easy to clean. They are widely used in building materials decoration, food processing, catering, brewing and chemical industry. Stainless steel products for building decoration: In the field of architectural decoration, stainless steel products are used in halls, elevator [...]

Model: 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 160mm, 200mm, 210mm, 220mm, 250mm, 300mm, 2540mm, 3060mm, etc; Made of international standard stainless steel SUS304 or 316 grade (material report for each shipment); High quality satin or mirror finish.